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Good relationships are about doing things together and having respect for your partner and their feelings.

Wanting to please your boyfriend or girlfriend is perfectly natural.

Stop and think before you do so, though. If you're always doing what they want to do then you're not likely to have so much fun yourself.

Spending good quality time together

Supporting each other

Listening to each other's feelings, problems and concerns

If you have a disagreement, talking about it together and trying to work things out

All of the above are signs of a healthy relationship. If yours doesn't sound like that then it may be time to ask yourself some questions.

Does your boyfriend or girlfriend always tell you what to do?

Do they always want to know where you are?

Do they tell you what to wear?

Do they make you pay for everything?

Do they stop you seeing your friends or family?

Do they bully or threaten you?

Do they tell you you're ugly or stupid?

Do they make you take explicit photos of yourself?

Do they make you take drugs or alcohol?

Do they make you do things you don't want to do?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions then it's enough to set alarm bells ringing. It's not a healthy relationship - you're being treated badly and someone if trying to control you. It's only likely to get even worse if you let it continue, so speak with someone you can trust.